Stub Fest 2016

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This is a repost from our main chapter Northwest Trail Alliance:

Thank you for attending Stub Fest 2016
As an army of volunteers we accomplished a lot of substantial trail improvements again this year. With each trail project (big or small) we are making Stub an awesome place to ride.
100+ people attended
10 work crews worked on multiple trail projects
1,145 volunteer hours were logged during Stub Fest
45 people attended the Trail Building Class
$960 was raised for the trail design of the South Stub Expansion
40+ kids were at Stub Fest (not included in above total)
28% of the attendees had not ridden at Stub Stewart before
Thank you for helping create, enhance, and protect mountain bike riding opportunities; to advocate for trail access; to promote responsible mountain biking; and to build, maintain, and ride sustainable trails.
Together we can do amazing things.
Ted Dodd, Board Member
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The North Coast Trail Alliance was formed in July of 2015.
We are a sub-chapter of the Northwest Trail Alliance
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